Liam Payne

Liam Payne

This is Daddy Directioners, the cute one♥


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About nurulindahsaffanah

14years old. [oh, c'mon, i'm young] Javanese, Indonesian. I'm a Muslim. Islam and I proud. Studied in Junior High School 2 Banjarnegara, and already move to Senior High School 1 Banjarnegara [amin] A Proud Directioners. Yes! I'm a fan. Fangirling and I always scream if I see them. Hazza, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall omg! I love them<3 A Bookworm. I love reading. I read many books, i like novel, hystorical books, fiction[teen and fan fiction], horror books, thriller books, science books, and other. A wattpad reader, but i'm not write any story. A talk-active. Yep! I like talk. A chess player. Aha! I'm good at Chess game. Be aware if you want to compete with me ;) Good-listener and overthinked. I'm always overthink everything. At least, i'm not normal[i hate normal. Normal is boring] not act like a regular girls.

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